Delta Chat Core C Interface
Deprecated List
Member dc_context_t::dc_create_chat_by_msg_id (dc_context_t *context, uint32_t msg_id)
Deprecated 2021-02-07, use dc_decide_on_contact_request() instead
Member dc_context_t::dc_get_blocked_cnt (dc_context_t *context)
Deprecated 2021-02-22, use dc_array_get_cnt() on dc_get_blocked_contacts() instead.
Member dc_context_t::dc_marknoticed_contact (dc_context_t *context, uint32_t contact_id)
Deprecated 2021-02-07, use dc_decide_on_contact_request() if the user just hit "Not now" on a button in the deaddrop, dc_marknoticed_chat() if the user has entered a chat and dc_markseen_msgs() if the user actually saw a message.
Deprecated 2021-02-07, this string is no longer needed.
Deprecated 2021-01-30, DC_STR_EPHEMERAL_WEEKS is used instead.